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The practice of Ittō Tenshin-ryū® kenjutsu is particularly suited to those students seeking the depth and sophistication of weapons arts, students who are ready to pursue precise, dynamic, and physically challenging training that is also intellectually demanding. Derived from Ittō -ryu, Ittō Tenshin-ryū® is a relatively modern style of swordsmanship dating to the late 1800’s, and differs from the older style primarily in its focus and the manner in which it is taught. Ittō Tenshin-ryū® training emphasizes the development of a strong and committed spirit, and practices are conducted in a structured, class format allowing students of vastly different levels of experience and ability to practice together, building a powerful sense of community and shared purpose.

In addition to practicing paired, combative forms with long and short wooden swords (bokken), students of Ittō Tenshin-ryū® enjoy an extensive curriculum of solo forms with live, steel swords (shinken), as well as supplemental study of other weapons of the samurai, including the yari (spear), naginata (halberd), and jo (four-foot staff). The style also incorporates a wide variety of jujutsu techniques for use by a swordsman to impede or disarm an opponent, or to regain the upper hand when an opponent attempts to grapple with the swordsman.

Persons desiring to train in Ittō Tenshin-ryū® must acquire a Japanese sword, approved for use in class. Fortunately, there are now a wide variety of sources for proper katana of modern manufacture, some of which are modestly priced but authentic in design and entirely acceptable for use in training. We can provide recommendations. The required uniform and wooden weapons can be ordered through the dōjō. 

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